You've written an amazing book. Now its time to get it seen by thousands of people.

Self-publishing is easier than it looks. Amazon offers a high-traffic marketplace, perfect for indie authors; you just need the right formatting and a catchy cover to accompany your book.

Unfortunately, formatting for Kindle can be tricky business. Hidden coding in your document can cause major hiccups in the final output; causing your e-book on Kindle to be less than stellar, possibly hurting your reputation as an author.

That's where we come in. Your talent lies in writing amazing content, let the pros handle your formatting for a complete, professional, great-looking book.

Our kindle formatting service is more than just converting the file type. We ensure that your e-books are easy to read, fully functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Services include:

  • friendly and responsive personal service; we listen to and care about your needs and concerns
  • completely confidential and secure service and transaction
  • your file cleaned from all unnecessary hidden coding that may cause a glitch in your final book
  • an active table of contents
  • title page and/or copyright page
  • paragraph indents and alignments formatted the same way as they are used in your source file
  • inconsistent spacing cleaned up
  • formatted chapter headings and sub-headings
  • bullet points, lists, poetry, and other non-standard paragraph types designed to work best for Kindle
  • cover image properly re-sized and embedded (cover design not included, but offered as a separate service)
  • optimization of images and other internal graphical elements
  • tables and charts inserted as images
  • high quality Mobipocket file (as required by Amazon)
  • any necessary minor edits or adjustments to the final file (extensive changes may require an additional charge)

"Kristal is a Kindle formatter extraordinaire. She took my non-fiction manuscript filled with formatting technical issues, and fixed the bugs. Kristal was responsive and regularly kept me informed with her progress. The outcome? A dream come true: I was able to publish my own book which will help others with their move to Myanmar. Need a formatter? Hire Kristal." ~Becky Cavendar


Because every book is unique, we cannot offer pre-priced packages. To get an idea of what your project may cost, see our examples below.

Any formatting complexities can increase the price dramatically, so be sure to download and follow our Formatting Guide (coming soon!) for quick, low cost conversion for your Kindle book. For a personalized price quote, email Kristal at: hello {at} kristalnorton {dot com}


Example: A simple book with just straight text, no images (besides cover image), and no sub-headings. Price starts at just $50 with no formatting complexities. Includes table of contents, title page, and copyright page.


Example: A non-fiction book with about ten chapters, each with two images, tables, or charts; and up to three sub-headings. Price starts at about $175 with no formatting complexities.


Completely new to self-publishing? Get all your questions answered in a one-hour "pick my brain" skype call, plus a completely custom book cover, and your book formatted for Kindle. Package pricing starts at $325 for fiction works or $450 for non-fiction.


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