While we offer a wide range of services (just contact us with your idea), here are a few of our popular services:

Whether you need a logo, smaller items like an avatar, tile background, Etsy topper, or a complete web graphics set, we can create what you need in a style that will reflect you and your brand.

Web & Blog Design
You have big ideas. Now you need a home to share those ideas. Let us design a website and/or blog that will reflect your personality while offering clean navigation and design.

E-Book Cover Design
The cover image for your new e-book is the first thing people see; it can literally make or break a sale or opt-in. Let us design a bold, catchy cover for you that will attract attention!

Kindle Formatting
Are you ready to get that book out into the world? Self-publishing is easier than it looks. All you need is our help to turn your Word document into a glitch-free format that looks great on a Kindle, and you're on your way to selling hundreds if not thousands of your book on Amazon!

Sewing E-Pattern Design + Formatting
First impressions are everything. If you're looking to build a pattern collection, you need your e-patterns to look crisp, clean and professional. Let us help design your cover, recreate your pattern drawings, and package it all up in a PDF.

Photo Editing
You have the perfect photo... but there just so happens to be little Billy picking his nose in the background (or red eye, blemishes, discolorations, or any other distractions). We can come to the rescue with our "never knew it was there" photo editing service. Just look at our before and afters!


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