1) Peddler Graphics holds the copyright for all graphics and designs created, even after you purchase them. Under no circumstances may they be altered in any manner. If you need changes, please contact us.

2) Making copies of images and sending them to friends or family members through email or a network is prohibited.

3) If you are using any of our graphics (including purchased graphics such as websets), you must place a text link or a graphics logo (obtained below) on EVERY page our graphics are used on, linking back to: http://www.peddlergraphics.com

4) All graphics which are purchased may be used for your business printing needs such as business cards, labels, and letterheads. *But, if you plan on selling anything that uses our graphics; you must sign up for our commercial license (below).

5) You may not include our graphics in any other collection or offer them for download from your own website. Nor can they be mass produced.

6) Graphic collections ARE NOT to be purchased by web designers to build sites from. Your clients may visit peddlergraphics.com to purchase graphics themselves if they wish to incorporate our designs into their sites.

7) Our graphics are for use only on Family-Friendly sites. Absolutely no nudity, racism or hatred sites allowed!

*Please give credit where credit is due. With use of any of our graphics; we require a link back to our site on every page our graphics are on. You can use a text link on the bottom of each page for those who use full graphic sets. Those of you using single graphics place one of our graphics logos (below) on every page that you use our graphics on, with a link back to: http://www.peddlergraphics.com Thank you!



If you are a business interested in selling products that are created with our graphics, you must pay a one time fee of $50.00 per image to become a commercial user. This includes (but not limited to) dolls, magnets, notepads, bag toppers, and checkbook covers. Commercial users may use all the images they purchase on their printed products for sale whether online or off, as long as they are not mass produced for the gift industry, as our graphic artists hold the copyright to all of our graphics.

Being a commercial user still does NOT give you the right to alter any of our graphics, or use them to create other graphics for sale. Graphics are not to be compiled and resold on disc or any other form. If you have any questions regarding our rules, feel free to contact us.


Commercial License
One-time fee (per image) $50.00

        Business Name
        Where will you be selling?
        (ie: website url, craft fairs)



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